Continuous Belay System for KOALA Equipment POULIZ 3.0
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Continuous Belay System for KOALA Equipment POULIZ 3.0

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Continuous Belay System for KOALA Equipment POULIZ 3.0


Our History


ALTUS was founded in 1997 by architect James Comte, who designed and built the High Rope Challenge, while KOALA is a branch under ALTUS that includes the sale of materials for rope obstacles.

With more than 20 years of experience in designing, building and operating high-altitude rope challenge projects, it is enough to prove our pursuit of high quality and high safety of high-altitude rope projects.

Our purpose is to help the industry move forward through innovation and creativity.


Continuous Belay Protection System



The continuous belay system of KOALA equipment enables users to avoid falls from heights.

The continuous protection system is suitable for obstacles with a slope not exceeding 2°. For those obstacles with a higher slope, such as bridges, stairs with handrails, etc., the obstacle itself (such as mesh belts, handrails) or anti-fall equipment must be used. Ensure the safety of users. In these cases, a continuous tether system is not intended to provide safety, but rather to maintain continuity.

In vertical activities, during ascent or descent, a switch with fall and descent protection must be provided. For Taishan Great Jump, the transfer station must be connected with skipping rope/wire rope equipment.


Pulleys for continuous belay systems

Components of the POULIZ 3.0 pulley


The continuous belay system of KOALA equipment is very different from other manufacturers' products.

At present, the world's most advanced POULIZ 3.0 pulley system has the greatest degree of operational friendliness for tourists, and brings tourists an unparalleled smooth experience when passing through platform nodes and selecting routes.


The biggest benefit brought by the KOALA equipment continuous rope system to the project operator is the substantial increase in the number of tourists and revenue. The operational friendliness of the ALTUS system greatly reduces the number of work instructors required by the owner to operate the project and greatly reduces operating costs.

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