Children's rainbow crochet net to create a new style indoor playground
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Children's rainbow crochet net to create a new style indoor playground

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Children's rainbow crochet net to create a new style indoor playground

With the rapid development of the children's indoor playground industry, the indoor children's playground of the pure indoor naughty castle type has become homogeneous and outdated.Children's rainbow crochet climbing net products have sprung up in the children's playground industry and become the current trend of children's playgrounds.As a functional project of the indoor playground, the rainbow rope net stands out among many playgrounds, and has become the coddle of the indoor playground upgrade led by the devil slide, trampoline and other projects.Rainbow Crochet Net integrates traditional children's playground with emerging rope net play equipment, and the combination transforms into a comprehensive park that integrates rainbow crawling nets, climbing islands, rainbow stations, rainbow trees and other products.


The rainbow crochet net is specially designed for the children's playground. It is used to cultivate children's courage, love, and shape their colorful dreams, creating a colorful and vibrant space that is educational and entertaining.The light and colorful rainbow crochet net enhances children's muscle development, balance training, color recognition ability, creativity and imagination, and the coordinated development of IQ and EQ.In addition,Parents can climb with their children, cultivate children's hands-on and communication skills, and at the same time enhance the feelings of both sides.


The rainbow crochet net is made of nylon rope with excellent tensile properties, which does not contain toxic substances and odors, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Adults and children can combine different colors to highlight their own personality games, giving growing children dreams and hopes. !

1.Safety and environmental protection

Rainbow crochet net is made of pure hand-woven nylon material that has passed environmental testing and certification, and does not contain chemical ingredients such as formaldehyde and VOC (volatile organic compounds) that are harmful to human body and pollute the environment.At the same time, the whole rope net surface is soft and elastic, and children will not be injured when they bump into it during play and chase.

2. long lasting

Rainbow crochet net has good tensile properties, shock resistance and energy absorption, high recovery rate after deformation, high heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and thermal insulation, durability is better than wooden furniture, recyclable , can be used for a long time.

Rainbow Crochet Net relies on the design of the new era of indoor children's parks, combined with other children's indoor playground equipment creatively combined with actual needs, which makes the content of Rainbow Crochet Net Park richer and increases the fun and novelty of the indoor playground.

Education and entertainment and parent-child interaction are the children's indoor playground models that modern parents look forward to. Rainbow Crochet Net Paradise leads the trend in the children's indoor playground industry, and its development prospects are bright. If you want to do venture capital in the park, opening a rainbow crochet net park is a good choice!


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