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Betta Logistics Suggestion

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Betta Logistics Suggestion

1. Term explanation

Playground Volumetric weight calculations are made by multiplying the width, height and length of a parcel to get the cubic size.

Calculation:Length* width* height /6000 (L * W * H, cm)

Measurement method: outer packaging, with bulging deformation, subject to the size of the outermost edge, the measurement data will increase upward (if 39.1CM will be calculated at 40CM)

Playground DDP importing from China :Domestic export declaration and destination national customs clearance, and processing customs clearance payment fees, delivery to the door.

What is 1 Ticket of playground importing from China:the same Consignee address,the same batch of goods is called one ticket; one cargo can not have multiple consignee, but multiple variety of goods, multiple Shipper.

Playground DDP 1 --shipping + express delivery:The shipping + express delivery is characterized by domestic orders and tracking of logistics information throughout the whole process, which is suitable for FBA goods and ordinary goods.

Playground DDP 2 --shipping + truck delivery:The shipping + truck delivery can accept super bulky goods, but it does not have logistics tracking information, and the destination tracking information can only be knew in the way of consultation.

2. Playground DDP Logistic Process importing from China

After the customer order, the playground factory will complete production, and send it to the logistics carrier. After receiving goods, logistics carrier will arrange goods (measurement data, order), and then arrange the booking, loading, together with the other Consignees into a whole container delivery to the destination country. The logistics carrier is responsible for customs clearance, sorting goods to the delivery agent and then the goods will be sent to each Consignees.

3. What is Playground LCL ?

Playground LCL refers to a cargo that is owned by different import playground equipments ers and grouped together in one and the same container. It enables import playground equipments ers to ship a small amount of cargo that are not large enough to fit into the FCL option.

4. Ultra-large definition of playground.

Why Playground is not suitable for express ?

Because most of the playground package are Ultra-large.The definition of super large playground items comes from the requirements of express delivery. Developed countries have a high surcharge for goods over a certain size, and reach a certain size limit, and express is rejected, which leads to the emergence of truck delivery.And the definition of super large pieces is also basically in accordance with the reception standard of express delivery.

①Playground DDP 1---shipping + express delivery requirements

Weight size limit, the real weight of a single box playground product cannot exceed 22.3KG plus 260 yuan / piece, and a single cargo can not be less than 12KG less than 12KG calculated as 12KG

Playground Packaging limit: only accept carton packaging goods, regular carton (rectangular, square, unchanged shape); other details are as follows.

A:Single weight <22.3KG [less than 12KG is calculated as 12KG]; 22.3KG= <single weight <30KG [overweight fee 260 yuan / piece]; cargo exceeding 30KG is not accepted.

B: longest side <120CM; 120CM= <longest side length <240CM [super long fee 220 yuan / piece]; exceeding 240CM is not accepted;

C, second long side <75CM; 75CM= <second long side [super long cost 220 yuan / piece]

D, Perimeter (longest side + 2 * second long edge + 2 * third long edge) <265CM; 265CM= <perimeter <320CM [220 yuan / piece]; beyond 320CM is not accepted;

E. Only accept carton packaging playground goods, regular carton (rectangular, square); special shape cost 220 yuan / piece

: Playground DDP 2---The shipping + truck delivery requirement

Single real weight ≧ 50KG, must be package with bottom foot, bottom foot height must be above 10CM; the upper size is: 420 * 240 * 265 (L * W * H, cm).The oversize surcharge is as follows:


Single weight over 350KG / single length over 150CM /

width over 150CM / height over 180CM


Single real weight over 450KG or single length over 200CM /

width over 180CM / height over 200CM

The shortcoming of super large playground goods lies in the delivery method, which can only be shipped by truck delivery, and many countries have a large area, a long delivery distance and a small amount of goods, which will lead to high delivery costs.

5. Destination Consignee Delivery Address Type:

According to the playground consignee's code, it can be divided into several types: FBA address, overseas warehouse address, commercial address, private address, and remote address.Several addresses, different delivery costs, the private address is the most expensive, the highest surcharge.Some channels restrict the delivery address type.

Playground DDP is charged by weight (the volume weight compared with the real weight) and related to the volume of playground goods, which determines that the reduction of logistics costs needs to start from the following points.

1. Control the size and weight of a single cargo, so that it meets the standard, you can be exported according to the general goods, logistics costs will be significantly reduced.If not, change the packaging style as much as possible to control the size as much as possible

2. Playground LCL service delivery: if the delivery address is close, you can choose one of the addresses as the common address of several customers.This greatly reduces the cost of back-end delivery.

3. Self-pickup method: After the customs clearance, the playground goods are delivered to the designated warehouse (generally in Los Angeles), and each consignee will pick up the goods by themselves, which is the cheapest way. The disadvantage is that if the customer is too far from the warehouse, the customer's self-pickup cost will be higher.


According to the state, it is best to have a customer as the playground consignee of the goods, and to put it together, or even into a container.For example , one of our logistic agent has a warehouse in California , so close to California, you can choose to go to the warehouse to carry it up for yourself.Customers who place orders elsewhere can also ship together.

(Playground here mentioned refers to : soft play, rock climbing walls,gaint ball pit,inflatable bouncer,adventure rope course,interactive science wall,giant ball pit,kindergarten,indoor kids zone,outdoor playground park,education park area,home playground,partyhire…)

If you are interested in more detail(DDP, local agent information...)please contact us.


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