A Beneficial Toy for Kids: Building Block
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A Beneficial Toy for Kids: Building Block

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      I think one of the most universal toys that almost every child can remember playing with is building blocks for kids.  It is also one of the most exciting first toys that we give our children because we can play with them and have fun building.  The benefits of playing with blocks are numerous.

     It is an undisputed fact that children learn through play. What are the specific benefits of playing with blocks?  Well, that answer is quite lengthy because there are many! Building blocks for kids can be played with in many ways- they can be sorted, they can be using for building, they can be played with alone or in groups. Undoubtedly most kids will play with building blocks in every way possible and learn different things each time.

     When kids sort, classify, measure, plan, build,and rebuild with blocks, they are exploring scientific and mathematical concepts. As kids manipulate the blocks, plan, and build, they are developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  When the blocks come falling down they are learning to problem solve, spatial thinking skills, and perseverance.  Children can also develop social and emotional skills as they imagine, create, interact, and clean up together. The best learning happens in this no pressure environment where they are naturally learning how things work through hands on play.

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