Why Do Kids Need to Play Outside?
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Why Do Kids Need to Play Outside?

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At Betta, we believe that it is important for children to have plenty of time to play outside. We also know that when we provide good materials for them, they will develop their minds and bodies in really creative and wonderful ways. 

Research shows that when children play outside, not only do they learn lots of basic and fundamental information about how the world works in a very effective manner, they are more likely to remember what they learned because it was concrete and personally meaningful (Ormrod, 1997).

American Peter Gray has studied children and their outdoor play, and he concludes “Play helps children (a) develop intrinsic interests and competencies; (b) learn how to make decisions, solve problems, exert self-control, and follow rules; (c) learn to regulate their emotions; (d) make friends and learn to get along with others as equals; and (e) experience joy. Through all of these effects, play promotes mental health."

Betta and timbers are two examples of materials that we provide our ECC children at TIS! The children are learning how to communicate with one another to solve a problem. They are working together to figure out what works and what does not. Even though they do not know it and cannot describe it, they are experimenting with gravity and physics. Teachers remain nearby to provide support and keep children safe.

Moving tires and large pieces of wood takes strength and cooperation. Children are willing to work hard to accomplish their goals. Children develop their leadership skills as they work and plan together. Leaders learn the give and take that is necessary when trying to execute a plan.

Creative thinking is a much-desired skill in our society these days. There is no end to the creativity that comes with these types of open-ended materials.

Trying something new is extremely satisfying. Children delight in these types of natural experiences.

In our ECC outdoor classroom, our motto is “As safe as necessary, not as safe as possible.” With this motto, we are able to provide the children with a myriad of opportunities to develop healthy bodies and minds.

The article examines why child development experts, as well as some educators, believe that children need to have more unstructured playing time in school. According to the nonprofit Alliance for Childhood organization, experts say there is a serious disconnect between scientific knowledge of child development and popular ideas about how and when to introduce formal instruction. The organization also states that parental pressure, combined with flawed policies, are among the reasons why creative play, long considered the foundation of the early childhood curriculum, is now disappearing from preschools and kindergartens.

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