What is softplay?
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What is softplay?

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Soft play involves creating an environment that has soft surfaces and allows even the youngest kids to play safely. It’s used in many places, including indoor Inflataparks that provide obstacle courses, slides, games and more all in one area.


Soft play has become more important to parents in recent years. An attraction such as a commercial indoor playground can provide kids with hours of entertainment in an environment that stimulates their physical skills and even their social skills with other children.And parents get to relax.


Why Soft Play Is a Smart Business Move

It’s a worldwide phenomenon. In the United Kingdom, “soft centres” are an indoor amusement park with all soft surfaces.


Providing a soft play attraction is a smart choice for entertainment companies. Soft play is highly valued by families. Many of them will turn into repeat customers.


Cost is another important factor. Soft play entertainment such as the Inflatapark can be custom made for each business to fit the space available. That way businesses can keep the cost to exactly what they need and within their budget.Also, there is little maintenance required for these soft attractions.



Why It’s Good For Kids

One of the reasons that soft play works well for businesses is that it has become so important to parents because it’s good for their kids.


Kids get to hone their skills when engaged in activities at a soft playground. They also will improve their communication skills with other people.


It’s also important for parents of kids with sensory issues. Soft play can stimulate their senses, improving their vestibular (balance) and proprioception (awareness of their body and surroundings).


What You Get With Soft Play

Obstacle courses


Games (such as jousting and wrecking ball)

Bounce houses

Climbing walls

Those are just a handful of features, but you get the idea. Large soft indoor theme parks are built to keep kids entertained for hours. The variety of entertainment offered is one of the keys to getting that done. And because they are customizable, businesses can create a commercial indoor playground that best suits their space and their customer base.


Soft play is expected to continue to gain in popularity as more parents see the value of providing safe, skill-building entertainment for their kids. For businesses who want to get in front of this trend, it’s a wise move to check out the options available in offering customers a commercial indoor playground.

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