What can we do for your indoor playground optimization?
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What can we do for your indoor playground optimization?

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  Nowadays,indoor playgrounds play essential role in children's daily playing life,so a well-optimized playroom is dispensable.

We canhelp you raise happy, well-adjusted kids and infuse your life with more joyful play. Our products can optimize your playrooms support vitally important self-directed play and provide opportunities for deeper learning experiences for children in any subject. With the appropriate materials at hand you can easily help expand your children’s minds by the following plans.


1.A interacitve science wall(Activity sensory wall)

  This wall is a giant interactive toy of TUBES, PINS , GEARS, BALLS, AIR PRESSURE, SMALL SEASAWS.And it only need a small part of your playingroom.How could a child refuse the fun with air pressure.Place a ball or scarf into either of the two inlet tubes and watch as it spirals through the clear tubing and finally shoots out of the exit hole above.

   Catch it and do it again! Powered by a pair of nearly silent air blowers, this exhibit is sure to provide endless fun for a wide range of ages. Your visiting young scientists will learn about forces and motion and directly experience the power of moving air.  

sensory wall tube toys

2.Small model(Plastic Play House)

  A small model playhouse are always the dispensable part of playing room.These houses contain:supermarket、hospital、school,etc. Children can play a house,or stimulate different occupation.

play house (6)play house (2)play house (5)

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