Quality and Safety Standards
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Quality and Safety Standards

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Quality and Safety Standards

  Bettaplay is committed to only designing and manufacturing indoor playgrounds that are in compliance with International Safety and Quality standards. Using only the finest materials and following a strict manufacturing process, we sell only safe, durable and well-designed indoor playgrounds.

   Why is the Quality of an Indoor Playground so important? It goes without saying that children’s safety should be the top priority in any business. This is even more important in an indoor playground business. To ensure success, having high quality equipment that meets all international safety standards is absolutely crucial. In the long run, having high quality indoor playground equipment will greatly reduce the costs of maintenance and ensuring long-term profitability.

   Complying with International Safety Standards. When choosing an indoor playground company, it is essential to ensure that the playground equipment that you will purchase is of the highest quality as well as in compliance with the safety standards set for indoor playgrounds. The safety of the playground users are of the top priority for any indoor playground owners. Indoor playgrounds that do not meet the required safety standards can be a hazard to the children playing on them. Indoor Playgrounds International only provides indoor playgrounds that are in compliance with the International Safety Standards.

   Playground Materials. Below are a few examples of the differences between Indoor Playgrounds International’s play equipment and the play equipment of other manufacturers that may not comply with these standards. It takes years of experience in this industry to clearly understand these safety standards along with great investment in both resources and efforts in order to truly implement them correctly in the design and manufacturing process.

  1. Steel Pipes. The steel pipes we use are either 2.2mm or 2.5mm thick. These specifications will be written in the sales contract and can be verified by the customers when they receive our products. Our steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized steel pipes where the whole pipe is immersed in a bath of molten zinc thus both the inside and outside of the pipes are protected from rusting for many years. In comparison, other companies might use a cheaper process such as “electroplated coatings”, such steel is not real galvanized steel and have a much weaker corrosion resistance.

  2. Clamps. Our proprietary clamps are made of galvanized steel, welded by automatic welding robots and are then powder-coated to add a thick and durable layer of protection to prevent from rusting. These clamps are stronger and more durable in comparison to iron clamps that may be used by other playground companies.

  3. Safety Netting. Our safety netting is fire resistant and tightly knitted and certified to be used even in outdoor sports. Our fire resistant anti-climb netting will be used on the first level of our playgrounds to prevent children from climbing on the outside of the structure.

    Installation. The installation process is a very essential part in the process of building an indoor playground. The quality of installation will affect the quality of the finished indoor playground. This is why only a fully installed indoor playground by a qualified professional will be considered a completed product which is ready for safety inspections as well as be covered under warranty. If the playground is installed improperly the safety and quality of the structure will be compromised.


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