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Every child has the right to joy, laughter and happiness, no matter where they are, even in Israel, a country threatened by attack. Now the children of Sderot, a town in the south of Israel, finally have a safe place to play. 
     Founded by the Jewish National Fund, the new indoor playground cost $5 million. Nearly 2,000 square meters in size, it has room for 500 people. With a mini soccer field, video games and a climbing wall, the indoor playground also has a thick roof, a half dozen shelters and a warning system in case of danger. Painted blue, yellow, green and red, the playground is surrounded by rocket-proof walls. It is divided into two sections, one for babies and the other for children in elementary and high schools. It will also be used by adults during the mornings, and can be used as a dance hall at night. 
     Today, children in costumes are playing football and running freely on the playground. One, dressed as Spiderman, is going up the climbing wall. The playground is full of children’s laughter. The playground also has psychologists to help children or their families, as well as a medical team.
     Stanley Chesley, president of the Jewish National Fund, came up with the idea of the rocket-proof playground during his last visit to Sderot, when he realized the children there needed a safe place to play. He calls the new center "The Country’s Safest Building."Not only children, but also their parents, are finding peace of mind because of it. 
     "Today we’re bringing back childhood to the children of Sderot, and letting them feel like other children all over the world,"Mayor David Buskila said.

The children's industry is very popular. In the operation of indoor children's playground, activity planning is very important. Good activity planning will make participants devote themselves physically and mentally, and make children have a certain sense of belonging. It has a significant effect on the promotion, popularity and customer loyalty of indoor children's playground. How to successfully plan indoor children's playground activities, the operators of indoor children's playground have their own tricks. Happy Halle Children's Playground throws a brick here to attract jade, hoping to give some help to investors who are new to the children's playground industry.
Attention should be paid to fashion, through unified shop decoration, exquisite decoration, neat dress, spacious service environment to reflect the unique style of the store, to form a professional image store. The use of transparent visual effects coupled with high-end and clean design style, so that customers can feel the charm of the brand at any time. Children's playground customers are basically young mothers with children, so the decoration style should pay attention to taste, children have innovation, most of them are with a new mentality, the pursuit of fresh, exciting fun.
Many planning documents often hope to carry out a lot of activities when planning activities. They think that only rich and colorful activities can attract consumers'attention. In fact, it is not the case. Activities are easy to lead to primary and secondary, many market activities are very active, and many people participate in them. It seems that the response is very warm. But among the crowd or participants, how many people are the target consumer groups of children's playgrounds, but even the target consumer groups, whether they are in succession after they have participated in the activities or not? What about buying products? Or take the gifts and go away. In fact, the problem here is that the content and theme of the activities do not match, so it is difficult to achieve the desired results.
Preliminary preparation, propaganda: propaganda methods and specific operation; posters and outdoor advertising: in the market side to provide outdoor advertising space, large-scale airbrush advertising, the effect is better; market handrail staircase glass, balustrade glass can be used as shop advertising space; community newspaper column. Community Household Publicity: This is the most direct and effective means of operation, but also the most complex method.

Indoor amusement park profit model: Indoor amusement park main profit model is divided into three major aspects, mainly indoor amusement park ticket revenue, indoor amusement park toy snacks sales revenue, indoor amusement park stalls rental revenue.
The marketing of indoor children's playground has some particularities, which are mainly manifested in:
1. the decision-making power of children's consumption lies in parents. The playground should not only win children's favor, but also get parents'approval. At least, parents should not be disgusted.
2. children's amusement projects have a certain timeliness, after a certain period of time, children's sense of freshness will be reduced;

3. The target customers of indoor children's playground are children. Safety and environmental protection have to be considered.
Before planning to open indoor children's amusement park, we think we need to do four aspects of analysis work in the early stage. 1. Business Survey 2. Product Analysis 3. Market Survey 4. Customer Survey from these four aspects to start our business.

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