How to satisfy both the kids and their parents at the same time?
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How to satisfy both the kids and their parents at the same time?

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Hi everyone, this is Katie. Zhang, Im a mommy of 2 kids and also Pokiddo FEC owner.

After we opened our 1st Pokiddo FEC center, we found that in fact the FEC has 2 kinds of users , Parents and Kids, for kids the value of Pokiddo is to be fun, but for parents , the value is to learn when they play. How to satisfy both the kids and their parents at the same time?

As an FEC owner, we always think about this question.


  Curiosity is the best teacher, when we design the toys, we always keep this in our mind. The Giant Interactive walls are our new products, of which I dreamed a lot when I was a child,   the wall is a giant interactive toy of TUBES, PINS , GEARS, BALLS, AIR PRESSURE, SMALL SEASAWS ---A life size Kinetics Toy for 3-6 years old J  Did you ever dream of this kind of lab toys ? Of such giant transparent tubes, which looks like magic when the balls are travelling in it ?


  Thats why we design Betta Gear Wall, AIR BALL WALL, TRANSPARENT TUBES WALL, interactive science wall, Giant Pin Art wall, just to name a few, and we can customize according to your design ! These Science Toys , Kinetics Toys must be a hit for the indoor playground !

Fun with air pressure doesn't get any better than this! Place a ball or scarf into either of the two inlet tubes and watch as it spirals through the clear tubing and finally shoots out of the exit hole above. Our toys are all customizable. Sometimes too many balls accumulated and they will fall at a same time , what a lot of fun !


Catch it and do it again! Powered by a pair of nearly silent air blowers, this exhibit is sure to provide endless fun for a wide range of ages. Your visiting young scientists will learn about forces and motion and directly experience the power of moving air.  



 Safe and fun AND EDUCATIONAL!!!

 BETTA INTERACTIVE SCIENCE WALL ---your best choice for indoor playground, make your commercial amusement park more scientific and interactive. Watch the following videos and you will understand more . 

Choose Quality, Choose Service, Choose Better Price 




 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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