How to make children happy?
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How to make children happy?

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"Happiness" is the best gift from parents to baby. It's just this "gift" that's unusual. How can we make the children still in their infancy happy, and how can parents know whether they are happy or not? Let's go into the inner world of baby.

Newborn baby.

Although newborn babies seem to only know how to sleep, their hearts are really longing for good stimulation from the outside world. At this time, as long as parents can intimately give their babies some benign stimulation from touch, vision and hearing, babies will "steal pleasure" in their hearts, which will also be of great benefit to their future healthy growth in physical and psychological aspects.

Babies aged 1-3 months

At this time, the baby knows how to write happiness on his face - he begins to smile. This kind of smile is usually when you see mom, dad and his loved ones. If parents respond to his smile and tease him, the baby will be happier, and the wonderful relationship between parents and children will gradually be established. 30 cm - is the distance between the baby's eyes and the mother's face when the mother feeds the baby. This distance also becomes the distance that the baby likes best and can see things clearly. Mothers should not be double-minded when feeding babies. The way to make babies happy is to smile and look at them attentively. The strong love between mother and son will spread under this kind of gaze.

Baby cries when he feels unhappy. The reason for his unhappiness is not only hungry, cold and wet urine, but also his longing for the touch and embrace of his parents. In addition, the baby is also very eager to contact the outside world, go out more, will bring him a lot of happiness.

If at this time you find that your baby will play alone - staring, shaking and intoxicating with his little hand in front of his eyes, you must not disturb him. Entertainment can also make him feel happy, and this is the key to cultivating his "self-awareness".

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