How to give children a good childhood memory?——Soft play area in the room for fun
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How to give children a good childhood memory?——Soft play area in the room for fun

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How to give children a good childhood memory?——Soft play area in the room for fun

Whether you are playing with a doll, doodling in a coloring book, or playing with a stylish set of toys, there is one thing for sure: a kids' soft play area is not just an area. It is a place where kids can develop their creativity. If you were lucky enough to have your own soft play area, you may have some joyful memories in your childhood.

Here are some tips that may help:

1. Creating a soft play area in an open floor plan

Use some fancy flooring to create a visual barrier between work and play. Mats are a great way to define a section separate from the rest of the room and build a space around it.

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And mats come in a variety of colors and are usually soft, they can be picked up and stored when not needed. They can make falls less painful for the children. So you can safely let your children play in this soft play area. What’s more, when toddlers fall, this confidence to climb and walk helps them improve agility, muscle strength, and balance.

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2. The color of soft play area in the room

Bright red, yellow, and blue might be obvious color choices for a children's soft play area, but they won't fit the rest of your home. If the soft play area in your home is in a small space, swap out primary colors to more pastel (but still fun and beautiful!) colors.


Instead of red, consider premium shades like garnet or magenta. Brighten up your space with chartreuse, mint or meerschaum. Your home will still be colorful and kid-friendly, and your options are nearly limitless.

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If you absolutely must incorporate shades normally reserved for children's rooms, consider fire truck red or bright blue, a different shade from the same color family is recommended to add some extra depth.

3. Layout about soft play area

Layouts have the ability to make or break any room. But when it comes to making soft play area for the kids to play, you can free to get creative to change the layout.

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The living room can be rearranged so that a soft play area for children can be created that is both autonomous and connected. In this process, you can also open up space by moving furnitures such as sofas, chairs, etc., as a boundary between the living room and the soft play area. What’s more, because the chairs are designed with open ventilation, the play area doesn't feel enclosed. So everyone wins.

4. store your soft play equipment


put it in bags.

Put them on the shelf.

put the balls in a bucket.

Put it in a dustproof closet.

Hope the above 4 tips bring you real benefits in building a soft play area in kids'room. And may all the kids can have a good childhood through soft play area!Thanks for watching.

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