How to ensure the safety of a child while he is playing
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How to ensure the safety of a child while he is playing

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     According to some statistics, we know that thousands of children are injured in the playground every year. If you don't want your child to be one of tens of thousands, then you have to keep your child safe. At the same time, children should not be deprived of the right to play in the playground. So what should you do to protect your children's safety?
    When you go to the amusement park, dress your children appropriately.
    Children should wear appropriate clothes and weather. These clothes allow children to run freely and comfortably without any adjustment. Try not to wear loose clothes or clothes with hats, ties or ropes for children, because such clothes are likely to get stuck and injured when they touch the equipment of the playground. Children should wear shoes of appropriate size and comfort. Sliding shoes are the best. Shoes with exposed toes, sliding shoes and hook chains are not suitable.
    Check the playground.
    You can put on your helmet and then go around all corners of the playground. Check the surface safety of the equipment, as well as the tightness of the structure, the tightness of bolts and screws. In addition, the softness of the ground should be checked. Attention should be paid to any device that may trip the child. Once such an object appears, you can contact the guard.
    Pay attention to children all the time
    When parents are playing with their children in the playground, they must always pay attention to their children and do not take their eyes off their children. We try to follow our children wherever they go, especially if they play on sand dumps or slides. Even if the children are old enough, you should pay attention to them to avoid unnecessary harm.
    Let the children wait for their time to play.
    Sometimes, the injuries at the playground are caused by children fighting there. Sometimes, children want to play with the playground equipment first, so they keep running, or push those who block their way, causing injuries to themselves or others. So it is very important for children to wait for their playing time. If children are impatient, take them to other playgrounds so that they can play more easily.
    Don't let children play with playground equipment that is not suitable for their age.
    Some children play with challenging equipment for fun. But they may be injured. If the child can not hold the horizontal bar, then firmly do not let the child play the horizontal bar, and if the swing is too high, then you can let the child play something else.
    Wash your hands with soap or disinfect them with disinfectants.
    After playing in the playground, children may need to eat. Make sure they wash their hands before they eat. If you can't wash your hands, use a disinfectant. Tell your child not to put your hand in your mouth after playing in the playground, whether it's clean or not.

    Tell your children exactly how far they can leave you - before you go out with them, you must tell them clearly how far they can leave you at most. For younger children, you need to tell them (in fact, parents must always remember) that they must hold their hands when they go out, or at least let them have one hand to hold the stroller. For older children, the principle of "I can see you, you can see me" can be adopted.

    It's very important to learn to stand still and shout your name. It's important to tell your children not to run around when they can't find their parents. It's also important to teach them to shout their parents'names instead of just crying "Mom and Dad", so that you can find them in the crowd more easily.

    Teach children how to distinguish "good people" - this requires the efforts of parents in peacetime. Make sure that the person who asks for help is reliable and trustworthy when the child is separated from you. For example, when you walk away from stores and supermarkets, you go to find uniformed staff. What if it's a beach where there's no permanent staff? Teach children to find help from parents who also have children. (Experts say this is because, as parents, such people are more willing to help because they feel more empathetic.) In addition, often go out, and children play such "find good people" game, whether supermarkets, libraries, or banks, the most important thing is to let children automatically nurture, the first time in a scene to find people who can help.

    How to get help - If your child is gone and doesn't know what to say, it's hard to help even a good passer-by. Remember, children are children. When they leave with you inexplicably, it is certain that they are panicked. Don't take it for granted that children will calm down and tell passers-by, "I'm lost, please help me." Unless you teach him on a regular basis, when things happen, at least know how to say, "I'm lost", "I'm separated from my parents" such as simple and effective rescue.

    Personal information of your child - Make sure your child knows his or her basic information, including his or her name, parents'name, parents' telephone number and home address. If your child is too young to remember this information, the best way is to write it down. There are many tricks in this respect. You can write information on a piece of paper, put it in your child's pocket or shoes, or even write it on your child's stomach with a marker pen. It's better than nothing you can do. You can only regret 10,000 times better. It's always right to suffer in the future.

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