How to choose the first building block in a baby's life?
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How to choose the first building block in a baby's life?

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Picking the building blocks for your baby, for many Ma Ma, once it started, it didnt stop. Faced with the colorful and feature-rich building block families on the market, when a mother is still childlike, it seems that to make up for the regret of lack of childhood entertainment, she has been hoarding since the baby was born.

1.However, compared to "buying more", "buying right" and "playing right" are the most critical.

Sometimes we feel that the baby "does not like to play", perhaps because we have misunderstood the way the baby "plays". Choose the first building block in your baby's life to make your baby fall in love with playing and make the best use of the building blocks at home.

2.The most interesting building blocks can be prioritized.

When the baby can reach out to grab something at about half year old, he can start to let the baby touch the building blocks. Babies before the age of 1 have not formed a real concept of space. The standard hexahedron, a certain texture, and the building blocks that conform to the principles of mechanics are not very meaningful to them, so it is best to choose a more interesting one. Building Blocks.

3.It is important to exclude the types of blocks that are low in safety for babies.

At present, the building blocks at this stage on the market are mainly divided into wood, cloth, plastic and other special materials in terms of materials. Wooden building blocks have relatively high hardness and low safety factor, while painted wooden building blocks and plastic building blocks , For babies who love to put things in their mouths at this stage, it is relatively more dangerous. Therefore, when we choose, we exclude these building blocks.

4.You can choose a building block that is both fun and educational.

Building blocks are entertainment toys for babies, but they can also be educational toys. The different arrangements of cubes can give babies a preliminary figure recognition; use numbers to teach children the concept of numbers; and to train children’s hand-eye coordination ability by putting together the animal figures on the building blocks.

For example, the current cloth building block is one of the very practical toys for young babies. It is soft, has bright colors, and patterns such as animals, fruits, numbers, etc., allowing children to perceive colors, recognize objects, and develop tactile sensations. It is made of high-fiber cotton It is also safer and easy to clean.

I hope that after we conduct a more in-depth research and screening of the wide variety of maternal and child products on the market, we hope that this information can provide mothers with choice difficulties with more shopping suggestions, and let more novice mothers Become stronger and wiser on the way to lead the baby.

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