How to build your own Amusement park
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How to build your own Amusement park

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Step 1,

Build your team. You will need architects, landscapers, a construction firm experienced with installing amusement park rides, and experienced project managers to guide the project to completion. There are specialized companies who will oversee all aspects of building, or you can take that role on yourself and pick your contractors.

Step 2,

Choose a location. You will need to have vetted two or three potential locations before approaching investors. Now is the time to pick one, based on availability, cost, and the factors unearthed in your feasibility study: 1. Ease of access for local residence and tourists.

                                   2. Climate.

                              3. Surrounding neighborhood and businesses.

                              4. Potential for expansion.

                              5. Zoning rules for the proposed site and the surrounding area.

Step 3,

Finalize the park’s design. The schematic designs used to attract investors must now be fleshed out in detail, including engineering studies for all of the rides and attractions. Clearly document how each aspect of the park will be constructed.

Step 4,

Acquire the necessary permits and licenses. You will need a business license to begin construction, as well as local construction permits. In addition, there are a variety of other licenses you will need before the park opens, as well as regulations you will want to adhere to:

1. You will likely need state and or local food/alcohol service licenses, public entertainment licenses, amusement park licenses, and more.

2. All states except for Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and South Dakota regulate amusement parks, so you will need to be sure your park conforms to their regulations.

Step 5,

Put the elements of your project out for bidding and create a schedule for completion. You or the company you have hired to oversee construction will want to competitively bid the various aspects of construction in order to reduce costs as much as possible. Once you have chosen your builders, negotiate contracts and a schedule for completion. Plan to open your park at the beginning of summer to maximize initial attendance.

Step 6,

Construct your amusement park. Here is where your dream starts to become a reality. The builders you have contracted will construct buildings, ride, and show sites, and then install ride systems and show components. All attractions will be tested to assure they work properly

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