How to Start Your Own Indoor Playground?
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How to Start Your Own Indoor Playground?

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   If you enjoy children and want to provide a safe place for children to play, opening an indoor playground might be an appropriate small business venture. An indoor playground provides play equipment and activities for children to enjoy in a supervised environment, giving parents an opportunity to relax or catch up on work tasks. It can also provide a family-friendly venue for birthday parties and family gatherings.

1. Decide on the features and activities you will offer in your indoor playground. Indoor big ECO free EPP building blocks, slides climbing gyms,role play games, balancing soft toys, ball pits and open play areas are appropriate for small children, while crocheted playground or net, ninja rope course and rock climbing walls and long slides appeal to school-aged children. Also, decide whether you want to include a snack bar for children and a coffee bar for parents.

2. Obtain an employer identification number by visiting the Internal Revenue Service website -- you can obtain an Employee Identification Number instantly and at no cost.Also, check with your local small business office to determine state and local registration licensing requirements, and complete any necessary registrations and obtain any licenses necessary to legally conduct business. Fees for registration and licenses vary by location.

3. Lease space for your indoor playground or rent a place. You will need a space large enough to accommodate play equipment, food service and private rooms for parties.

4. Obtain insurance for your business from an agent or broker. You will need a general liability policy with a limit of at least $1 million per occurrence to protect you against financial liability for any injuries that occur on your business premises. Your agent or broker can tell you about any other types of insurance you need to protect your business assets.

5. Purchase and install play equipment, food preparation and service equipment and supplies, tables, chairs and protective equipment such as soft flooring and wall padding.Also, purchase computer, telephone, fax and printer equipment to manage reservations, print waivers, and receipts and manage schedules.

6. Hire staff to manage business operations, staff food service, supervise play activities and host private parties. You can attract staff members by posting job listings on community bulletin boards, online classified ad sites, job search sites, local newspapers and college bulletin boards.

7. Hire an attorney to draft a liability waiver for parents to sign when they bring their children to your indoor playground. A liability waiver helps limit your exposure to lawsuits if a child sustains an injury while on your premises. Also, your insurance company will require you to obtain signed waivers from all parents to minimize its loss exposure.

8. Use Social Media or print fliers to promote your indoor playground. Distribute fliers through local schools and child care facilities, grocery stores, libraries and other places frequented by parents. You can also contact local newspapers or other medias to have them include your fliers as newspaper inserts.

Things Needed

  • Retail space

  • Insurance policies

  • Play equipment

  • Food service equipment

  • Food service supplies

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Protective equipment

  • Computer

  • Telephone

  • Fax

  • Printers

  • Promotional fliers


  • Install a wireless router on your Internet-connected computer to offer Wi-Fi service for parents who want to work or browse the Internet while their children play.

  • Hire a Web design firm to create a website for your indoor playground business. Your website should include images of your play areas, information about rates, parties and operating hours, directions to your indoor playground and a printable version of your liability waiver. Include the website address on your fliers so parents can learn more about your playground.

  • Consider investing in an indoor playground franchise. Starting a franchise gives you instant brand recognition, as well as business support and established equipment vendors, to help build your business quickly. However, opting for a franchise also requires paying a part of your profits to the franchisor.

  • Encourage birthday parties by offering gifts, birthday cake, party favors and waived entry fees for children on their birthdays. Hosting birthday parties is an effective way to introduce invitees to your indoor playground. You can also provide discount coupons to birthday party invitees to encourage them to come back.


  • Avoid serving food or beverages at your indoor playground until you determine which licenses or permits your city or county requires for food service. You will typically need food service permits in addition to the permits and licenses necessary for the operation of your indoor playground.

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