How to Clean Plastic Outdoor Slides
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How to Clean Plastic Outdoor Slides

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Bettaplay Children love outdoor slide challenging playground equipment for school use

Plastic outdoor slides can bring a lot of fun to your child's life. You must clean slides and other play equipment regularly, 

however, to prevent bacterial or fungal growth and to keep the slide looking nice. If the slide is used by several children, 

it's even more important to clean it often (at least once a week during heavy use). 

Cleaning the slides is easy and shouldn't steal much of your time–especially if you don't allow the slide to get too dirty in between cleanings.

Step 1

Spray the plastic slide with a garden hose. This will remove loose surface debris.

Step 2

Fill a clean 5-gallon plastic or metal bucket with water from the hose and add 2 tbsp. of liquid dish soap.

Step 3

Wet a sponge in the bucket and scrub the slide. If the slide is extra dirty, use a bristled scrubbing brush. Clean the steps/rungs of the slide, too. 

These can harbor dirt and germs as well.

Step 4

Rinse the slide off with the garden hose. Dry the slide well with towels.

Step 5

Use sanitizing wipes or spray (use an all-surface sanitizer that is safe for plastic) on all parts of the slide that children may contact.

 Allow the slide to dry fully before the next use.

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