How To Deal With Your Children In Terms Of Playing
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How To Deal With Your Children In Terms Of Playing

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Nowadays, when young people have children, they usually invite their grandparents, grandmothers, grandfathers to take care of them. They are either busy working or working overtime. However, children need the company of their parents, and nothing else can take the place of their parents'care, even if it is an encouraging look, you will find their children's smiles. It's from the heart. It's so brilliant.

    The average young people, after having children, mostly ask the elderly to take care of them. But the old man is too old to cover everything. Therefore, young people should spend more time with their children after work and on weekends. What children need most is the care and companionship from their parents.

    When I got home from work, the child almost ran out barefoot and rushed into my arms. I felt very happy. The child was playing in her arms. At this time, I opened my bag and handed her a small plane that she had always wanted. The child almost screamed. It seemed to adults that it was a trifle. How proud and happy it was for the child. She ran to her grandfather and grandmother and shouted loudly. Say, this is what my mother bought me, Leddy. Gifts to children do not need to be so valuable, but children like them. Even if they make a gift by themselves, children will be very happy.

    At the weekend, I finally have time to spend time with my children. Take the children out to play, see more about the outside world, children will be curious to ask questions, as parents to patiently answer the children. Sometimes children ask why it rains. I rack my brains and tell it to them as simply as possible. Sometimes she laughs because I explain that there are so many droplets in the clouds in the sky, more and more. Then the droplets can't catch them and fall out of the clouds. It's rain. I'll add body movements when I say something next to it. You know what? The child would also ask where I came from. I don't know how to speak for a moment. You come from your mother's stomach, and when you grow up, you come out, just like a kangaroo, in your mother's pouch.

     Play football with children. No child likes to play. Playing with children can give you a lot of enlightenment. And children prefer to play football with their father. Maybe his father has a high sporting talent. But jumping rope still depends on mother. After buying a set of cooking toys for the child, she took them out to play from time to time, and carefully fed the baby bear.

    Tell children stories, sing and dance together. Children like to listen to stories best, better than what they say on TV, is their parents. When you are free, telling stories to children is the best time. Looking at the child's serious eyes, it seems that the troubles in life and work have been forgotten. I danced and sang with my children, sweaty, but enjoyed it.

    Listen carefully to your child and don't interrupt him. Whenever children have their own ideas, listen to them more and encourage them to make their own choices. This is not to say that children should be completely accommodated and spoiled, but to cultivate children's sense of independence, choice and ideas from an early age.   

Growing up in company, children's progress is great. Giving children the best gift to grow up with.

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