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Giant Connect Four

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Giant Connect Four

"GIANT CONNECT4" is a game which most people can instantly understand the rules. This large-scale version is one of the largest versions of this game and is great fun for all the family. Parents can play with their kids on weekends and during the playtime, parents and kids both have the chance to know the feelings of each other and strengthen the relationships.


The rule of “GIANT CONNECT 4” is simple. Players put the circulars into the interstice and just make four circulars in a line. The player who first makes four circulars in a line is the winner. It is essential for kids to keep on thinking while they are playing this game with others. Kids can invite their friends to play together with them. It only strengthens friendship but also increases kids’ intelligence.


By the way, parents should pay more attention to the material of the giant connect 4. These giant connect 4 which are made of plastic will be the preferable option. Plastic is safer than wooden because it isn’t easy to break. Kids won’t hurt themselves while playing the game. Plastic is lighter and easier to carry. Parents can change the places to put it and can bring it to parties for fun.

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