Feature of Simple Style Metal Kid Tricycle
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Feature of Simple Style Metal Kid Tricycle

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Coming in a wide array of fabulous colors which give your child an opportunity to start expressing their own individuality, the Simple Style Metal Kid Tricycle truly is the best tricycle your child could ever have.


Complete with chrome handlebars with grips and long tassels and a bell as well as a real wood deck that comes with the burned in logo, this tricycle is not only great for safe fun and growth, but it’s also the most stylish tricycle you will ever find.


Featuring a sculpted seat that is adjustable for your child’s comfort and safety alongside a body that is comprised entirely of steel, this high-end trike is perfect for all children.




Adjustable seat to grow with child

Durable steel design and structure

Includes hand grips for better steering ability



The seat is fixed more like a big wheel than a typical tricycle

No push bar is available for a guardian to keep control of the trike


Buying a tricycle is a great way to influence your child so that they get away from the computers and video games to get some fresh air and exercise.


The best trikes are always going to be the highly durable ones that can adjust to fit your child’s growth spurt. Check out every single product to be sure it fits your own personal standards.

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