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FAQ about bettaplay indoor playground equipment

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 Q: Can you make the design for the indoor playground equipment?

A:  Absolutely ok . Our  BETTAPLAY  have professional designers. If you can provide us CAD,and the theme you prefer, we could make the design according to your customize requirements.


Q: If I have an indoor playground of 100 sq.ms, how many kids can be accommodated at one time?

A: Usually,one square meter space can accommodate 1-2 kids .So 100 sq.ms indoor playground could accommodate 100-200 kids at one time.By the way ,we can offer a proposal for your big project too.


Q: How to install the indoor playground?

A: We have the professional installation instruction, including the real picture of installation. We will mark at every pipe like A1, A2, A3….and tell you the order about the installing details.  


Q:What service can you offer me?

A: As a professional manufacturer, we will provide free playground equipment design with CAD & 3D models, quality products with low maintenance,  maintenace consultation , meantime, it will be very easy to do the sourcing to meet all your needs.

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