Encourage children to play more outdoor children's toys
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Encourage children to play more outdoor children's toys

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Encourage children to play more outdoor children's toys

Modern children live in high-rise buildings, accompanied by more children are a variety of advanced computers, TV game consoles, although they bring certain benefits to children, but the narrow scope of life, the attendant problems are also visible, some children gradually become indifferent, lonely, not confident, unsociable, Poor communication skills and so on, let children out of the room, with enough time to stay in the vast outdoor world, natural play, natural growth, natural access to all aspects of the development, from colorful games and a variety of outdoor toys, enjoy the fun of outdoor activities, in walking, running, jumping, drilling action skills, Promote the harmonious development of physical and mental health, strengthen the physique of young children. At the same time, let children in the outdoor play to learn to interact with their peers happily, learn to distinguish between social roles, master the rules of communication between people.  So teachers and parents should often let their children come out and take part in outdoor games and activities. Now in the park's children's playground and kindergarten yard, there are many larger toys, such as balance beam, arch, slide, climbing frame, can shake the rooster, Trojan Horse, swinging chair, animal turntable and rocking and so on. These outdoor toys because of the large space of activity, and many children participate together, exercise often need to coordinate the movement of all parts of the body, help to strengthen the child's limbs muscle group strength and activity agility, cultivate the child's collective concept and the spirit of mutual cooperation.

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