Bettaplay indoor playground equipment for kids
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Bettaplay indoor playground equipment for kids

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BETTAPLAY ---Kids Need Play !

Who is Bettapaly?

       Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !

       Bettaplay has 12+ year manufacturing factory, offer free custom design, directly sale and oversea installation service.


      Bettaplay is a professional Chinese manufacturer and experienced exporter providing one stop source of durable commercial indoor playground and outdoor playground equipment and recreational toys for school, park, apartment, campground, restaurant, shopping center and the general public at an affordable price.  


What Bettapaly Do?

        Bettaplay  has 3+ factories and 10+ factory league for kindergarten products located in the “Toy Capital”, Wenzhou, China, where gathers half of China local playgrounds and toys manufacturers. Upon such a background , Bttaplay has always updated first-hand Chinese playground information and manufacturing work as well as sourcing service to world-class customer groups, who mainly come from Europe, Canada, Central & South America, Australia, Thailand, and the South East etc. There are already hundreds of success projects completed throughout the world witness the happiness and smiles on the different color children under the assistance of Bttaplay.  We not only provide indoor and outdoor playgrounds made in China, but most importantly, save your time and money!


        Contact us by today for free catalog and quote! We’ll not only share the neighborhood playground with you, but help you select the playground products which suit you most.


Bettaplay Indoor  Playground for Kids

      epp ground

       As a parent have you ever heard that your children want to go outside to play? “It’s too hot, it’s raining outside ,  there are bad guys outside ” are all excuses some parents  might use to not want to go outside. Ok the last one was a bit far-fetched and only meant as a bad joke, but the reality is sometimes the weather doesn’t permit kids to be outside and play, but there is a great alternative to being outside, a place  that is full of indoor kids playground equipment would be the perfect place to take kids.


     Bettapaly indoor playground is such a place , full of kids indoor playground equipment for all kids to have fun . And also  is one of the best places to take kids of any ability level and let them play and explore to help them use up some of that energy we all wish we had that somehow is found inside kids. The equipment have many functional area, including gaint ball pit , tubby slides, toddler barrier , parent benches EPP building blocks areamaze , tunnels, hiding places, soft landing areas, climbing structures, slides and swings area, role play area , soft punch bags forest ,adventure rope park ect. All of this great indoor kids playground equipment will have you kids having a nice and happy time, growing and developing and leaving with a smile.


      In total , if you wan to start a indoor playground equipment , why not choose us ?

      Bettaplay--- Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !

Choose Quality, Choose Service, Choose Better Price 




 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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