Ball pit cleaning machine
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Ball pit cleaning machine

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Bettaplay ball pool cleaning machine

Bettaplay ball pool cleaning machine. Using vacuum, the balls are sucked into the machine, cleaned in seconds and subsequently gathered in a bag. This machine will take less than one hour to clean a pool filled with 15,000 balls. The ball pool cleaner holds 100 litres of water and comes with the suction apparatus and brushes. 

Why we clean ball pit regularly
Your ball pit if not regularly cleaned and sanitised will contain many unpleasant bacteria. In order to make sure Kids' safety we need to ensure a healthy hygienic ball pond.

How ball pit ball cleaning works
Our ball cleaning equipment that do not need to remove all balls from the ball pit,there are two tubes. one is for catching the ball in the into a sanitisation fluid, and the other tupe is for returning the ball into the ball pit. And it is very safety, so that kids can have while you are cleaning.


A typical ball pool clean takes around two hours to finish (dependant on size) thereby eliminating the health & safety risks associated with a under maintained ball pit. so it is necessary to clean the ball pit regular, then you will feel free to announce to your customers that you do maintain high levels of cleanliness and that they do not have to worry about health or safety issues of this nature whilst in your play facility.

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