6 best indoor playgrounds for kids
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6 best indoor playgrounds for kids

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1. Buds 

While at the Shangri-La...
This indoor and outdoor play space doesn't come cheap but it's popular for its interactive elements and well-designed spaces (this is the Shangri-La after all). The little ones will have a blast making their way through everything from a sand pit, to going down slides and climbing nets, getting lost in ball pits and mazes, playing outside in the free-form pool or water play zone, or living out their pirate dreams climbing the very realistic pirate ship structure. Split into age-friendly areas: the Explorer Zone (ages 4 and above) and the Toddler Zone (ages 4 and under), there's something for everyone, including the parents, making this a great space for some quality family time.


Walking (and jumping) on air
They say everywhere can be a playground – that's certainly the case for Airzone, the world's first indoor suspended net playground. Occupying the mall atrium space between different floors in City Plaza Mall, be prepared to explore the multiple play areas where you can dive in a ball pit, crawl through a maze, climb to the top (it's six storeys high) and try out the slides or just hang out on the suspended nets.   If you're worried about the net breaking and disaster that may ensure, you don't have to. The nets are strong enough to hold two buses and there are safety nets everywhere so go on, take the big leap into the ball pit. And if all else fails, know that you've helped your kid to overcome any fear of heights he/she had. 

3.The art ground

It's not too young to introduce art to the kids. The Artground in Goodman Arts Centre offers many art-centric and art-related programmes that help nurture creativity and curiousity in children. Besides the actual playground aspect of it – think interactive art installations that kids can actually touch and climb – other activities kids can get involved in over the weekends are gardening, performing arts (music, dance/movement & drama) as well as arts & craft activities. Though it's open for everyone age 12 and under, parents can join in on the fun too

4.Cool de sac

Exploring in the great indoors 
Let the young ’uns run riot at Cool De Sac ($12.80-$28.70), a spacious indoor playground in Suntec City. Suitable for kids aged six months to 12 years old, the playground is split into play stations that cater to different age groups and interests.

Budding sculptors will enjoy tinkering with the craft materials at the arts section, while the more active tykes can scale treehouses and tumble through tunnels at the main play area or if your tween insists on console games, they've got a few that work on hand and eye co-ordination. You can choose to explore the areas with your little ones, or just keep an eye on them while nursing a cuppa (or a cold beer) at the in-house café, Bistro Cool.

5.Tayo station

Personal transport, included
Themed around popular Korean animated series, Tayo The Little Bus, this indoor themed park in Downtown East is the first outside South Korea and covers 10,000-square-feet-space and has indoor playground areas, a toddler area for the younrg 'uns. a sensory play space, a mini road circuit and even a function room for parties.    
Let the kids have a fun time zipping around on their own manual rides where they get to navigate the "roads" and the garage, car wash and gas pump kiosk for the little ones to zip around and pretend play in mini manual rides. Here, children will also get to learn various road signs and basic road safety rules, enabling them to better understand real-world situations in a fun and engaging environment.

6.pororo Park

Penguins and play go well together
For those in the dark, Pororo is an intrepid penguin (who dreams of flying) from a Korean cartoon – and this indoor theme park is dedicated to the character and his friends.
Let your children run amok here: they can hop on an actual train with Eddy the fox as he takes you on a tour through the grounds, peek into Pororo’s icy home and dive into a ball pit. And while the big kids can climb and duck through jungle gyms, tinier tots have a dedicated toddler’s area with foam mats and soft toys

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