4 in a row can be used in many activities
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4 in a row can be used in many activities

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    Nowadays, people take part in lots of and all kinds of activities. The atmosphere of activities needs various games to prop up. 4 in a row is a kind of toy which can be used in many activities.

    At the first, people can play 4 in a row when they are camping outdoors. People can be divided into two teams. The all members of one team can participate in the game. The winner is the team which makes 4 pieces in a row firstly. Secondly, 4 in a row can be used in amusement parks. Many children like the game which can allow them to move at any time. 4 in a row can be satisfied by children. They can run casually when they playing 4 in a row. Thirdly, people who want to train their spirit of teamwork can use the 4 in a row. At the same time. 4 in row can be used in other activities.

   In any activities, 4 in a row is the best choice for people who like the games.28

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