3 best indoor playgrounds for kids
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3 best indoor playgrounds for kids

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  1 Balls of Fun

this playground was made to encourage kids to practice ball skills.  Little ones ages three and younger can enjoy the baby and toddler gym. The soft-play structure is perfect for crawling and cruising. Not to mention there are tons of balls to throw and kick—make sure you’re little one attempts to dunk the ball through the ginormous hoop. Older kids have their own gym where they can dunk and kick with all their friends. Kids can try different ball activities like balancing and bouncing. The giant jungle gym complete with slides is perfect for kids and adults, so you can join in on the fun without hurting your knees. Don’t forget to try out the ball pit—it’s full of balls (and fun!)


2. hop hop jump
Kids ages one to six will have a blast on the two play structures at Hop Hop Jump. There’s a smaller area for little ones, with tents, tunnels, soft climbers to crawl on and even a slide that ends in a ball pit. And older kids get to explore a larger three-level climber complete with swirl and wave slides, a ball pit, tubes and a trampoline. The 5,000-square-foot space is filled with lots of natural light and features fun spaces for kids to explore, including an indoor tree house and a princess castle.2-Shopping

3 Kids Fun Town
Take your little monkey to the jungle gym at Kids Fun Town. Best for kids younger than six, this play structure features a bouncy castle complete with a slide, ride-on toys and a mini basketball court.  Plus, an awesome rock climbing structure that kids can climb up and through. Before heading to Kids Fun Town,check their website to make sure they aren’t closed for a birthday party.1-28-01

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