Indoor Ball Pits Trampolines With Foam Pit For Sale
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Indoor Ball Pits Trampolines With Foam Pit For Sale

Size:15*15*15cm,Can be customized
Color:Can be customized
Function:Easy to clean,Protect the cube foam block from being soiled
Packing details: Polybag and carton bulk back.Packing way is customizable
Delivery:20-30 days later after we receive your deposit
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When we describe the group of BETTA  foam pit you see above as multi-purpose it means that they are suitable for a wide variety of activities and can't really be limited to a single category or intent. Whether you're setting up a home gym, trying to make the play room a little more kid-friendly, foam pit are incredibly versatile and, well… multi-purpose. 


So wherever your feet (and your imagination!) can take you, there's a multi-purpose BETTA  FOAM PITS WITH FOAM COVER that can help you get there.BETTA Foam PITS will not only support your body by reducing strain on your feet, knees, and back. When you go to a trampoline park nobody will refuse to walk to plank and jump into a massive pit of 15,000+ foam cubes. We take pride in keeping our foam pits clean and safe for our jumpers.

Because we have our foam pit covers , safe and fun and clean all in one ~~~




 “I just wanted to jump on a trampoline and flip into a foam cube pit and feed my inner child!”.


Foam pits are commonly used for gymnastics training purposes for trampoline parks , indoor playground , dancing bridge , ninjia course.  They help aid in the development of new skills by providing a soft, forgiving landing surface.  Those trained in using foam pits know that proper entry is a key to a safe landing, even in a foam pit.  A safe landing is one that enters feet first with a tight core.  Landing in a pit head first or in an arched position can lead to back and neck injuries.  

Furthermore, having a properly fluffed pit creates the right density for safe landings.  After repeated use, foam blockscompress against the edges of the pit and each other eliminating the air pockets that make traditional pit landings so safe.  As the foam compresses, the pit landing becomes more like landing on a hard surface and less forgiving on all parts of the body.  Pits that are not properly maintained lead to an increased number of injuries to those athletes or players  entering them.  

The safety of foam pits is correlated to the regular maintenance performed and the types of landings used to enter the pit.

Fluffing a pit involves removing the blocks from the pit, cleaning out any dust, dirt, or debris that has accumulated, and refilling the pit with the blocks creating new air pockets for safe landings. 

For years, this process has been completed by having multiple people get into the pit, throw the blocks out by hand, clean the pit, and the refill the pit with blocks.

 A proper pit fluff normally takes between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the size of the pit and the number of helpers.  

There are now new products that can help decrease the time it takes to properly maintain a foam pit. 

Maintaining a Foam Pit

 . Covered Foam

Covered Foam is like gold in the gymnastics community.  This foam delays the decay of the foam blocks and prevents the foam dust from getting into the air and into the bottom of the foam pit.  Most foam blocks are sold uncovered.  The covers are sold separately and must be put on each block.  Though a tedious task, the long term pay offs include long lasting foam and safer air quality for kids ,athletes and coaches. 


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