What’s your dream?
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What’s your dream?

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What’s your dream?


Yesterday all the members of our company drew their own dream wall. Everyone wrote their dreams. some want to travel around the world with their parents, some want a house or a car, some want to lose weight and so on.

What is a dream? Can not see or touch, but people are fascinated, willing to entrust youth. British mountaineer Mallory was asked why he climbed the world's highest peak. And he answered, because the mountain is there. There is a mountain in everyone's heart. Some are still weighing the gains and losses, hesitating, while others are already on their way.Nothing but to prove that I was young before.

If you have a big dream, as long as you think about it, you will see the effect step by step.When you are convinced that your desires are absolutely right, the power of your subconscious mind will begin to guide you to success.With such a dream in our hearts, then our words and deeds, inner cultivation, external appearance and so on will change.

A person with a dream, has half of the success.Dream is the power of progress, on the road to success is full of hardships, is the dream when we fall tell us to get up.When we are in trouble, our dream tells us to go ahead bravely and never give up.Dreams allow us to see the light in the dark, see the hope of tomorrow.

If a person does not have a dream, there is no hard work for the goal, there is no motivation to forge ahead.It is just like living in the bottom of the canyon, spending all day in darkness, suffering in helplessness, struggling in despair, not seeing a trace of expectation in the confusion.Looking at the people around in a hurry, and self is mediocre, looking at others are chasing dreams, but the self is running blindly, finally still can only be in place silently watching.Without a dream, there will be no expectations, only loneliness, darkness, confusion occupy the heart, only in the self-abandoned, drift through each day, passing the time of mediocrity, tasteless, no benefits.

The road to success is full of numerous twists and turns, loss, disappointment, failure, which must be experienced in the process of struggle.Perhaps, you will be lost in the thick fog; Will be thorns cut arm waist feet;Will fall black and blue...A variety of hardships, in front of thorns wanton ridicule: Do you dare to dream?

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