Six Cost-Cost Analysis of Investing in Indoor Children's Playground
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Six Cost-Cost Analysis of Investing in Indoor Children's Playground

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With the development of the mother and child market, indoor children's playground has become one of the most important playground facilities for children. Many businesses are now considering investing in indoor children's playground and the cost of investment in indoor children's playground. Many investors are afraid of the benefits after investment because of their lack of experience. The cost of investment is also one of their most concerned topics. How much is the cost of opening a children's playground? Now let's talk about it.

Children's playground belongs to one-time investment, mainly in the early stage. Once it is opened, it will not need much money in the later stage. It only needs a small amount of money to maintain normal daily operation. Therefore, after the early return, the latter belongs to the pure profit state. The investment in children's playgrounds mainly includes the following aspects:

Pre-investment funds:

Site rent

The choice of indoor children's playground is very important, and it is an important factor affecting the future benefits of the playground. Suggestions are made for the selection of locations in business-intensive areas, population-intensive areas, passenger flow centers, crowds gathering areas, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, residential areas, street shops, kindergartens, near primary schools, etc. Of course, good location rent is a little more expensive, but the flow of people is guaranteed, choose crowded places, do not worry about business.

However, the rent of the courtyard in the county town is certainly much cheaper than that in the urban area. The rent of the courtyard in the county town is about 30 yuan per month. If you use your own courtyard for indoor children's playground, then you don't need to consider the rent at all. You also save a lot of money. Of course, the economic situation in different regions is different, so you should take it into consideration. Calculate according to your local consumption level. First of all, the cost is calculated according to the cost of rent, decoration, equipment, personnel, publicity and so on. For example, the rent of your store is 60,000 yuan a year to calculate for you.

II. Simple Decoration Cost

Decoration grade has high or low, the cost of ordinary decoration 300 yuan / square meters, 100 square meters of children's playground, decoration such as 100 square meters to your budget of 30,000 yuan to calculate for you.

3. Costs for purchasing amusement equipment

After the site is determined, we need to look at the equipment configuration in the children's playground program. The more functions and accessories designed in the program, the higher the price. So this is also an important factor related to the price.

Such as naughty castle is charged on a square basis. Ordinary naughty castle costs about 700 yuan per square. Equipment is calculated on a square meter basis. For example, 100 square meters will give you 70,000 yuan.

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4. Processing fees for business licenses and related business procedures

Other expenses include staff expenditure, water and electricity expenditure, handling related documents and so on. This part of the cost is not much, some cases can be omitted, for example, if the rent includes water and electricity, it can be omitted;

If the area is relatively small, there is no need to recruit additional staff, which can save staff costs. In this regard, the actual demand for calculation, business license processing and related business procedures within 1000 yuan is enough.

5. Personnel need to see how much salary you need.

6. Advertising and publicity input before opening, handling tickets, membership cards and other fees.

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