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  • Importances for educating kids
    1. PassionYou’d be amazed at how many people don’t have a mission in life… a calling… something to jolt them out of bed every morning. The most valuable resource for humanity is the persistent and passionate human mind, so creating a future of passionate kids is so very important.2.Curiosity
  • Why Should You Take the Family to an Indoor Trampoline Park This Weekend?
    For most families the Monday to Friday nine to five grind can become a dull routine, so why should your weekends be just as monotonous? If you feel like they’re going that way, then it’s time to diversify your weekend activities – and have everyone involved, for some memorable fun moments.When you a
  • The customer thinking
    One, always stay alert, thinking about the user First of all, deep inside, build up this awareness. That is, no matter how experienced and sophisticated we are, no matter what industry we are in, what position we are in, we should recognize and remember in our hearts that there is a difference b
  • The customer thinking
    User thinking, as the name suggests, is the thinking of "thinking from the user's perspective". Or more broadly, put yourself in the other person's shoes. In the field of product design, it is important to have user thinking. Ma huateng once said, "the most important ability of a product manag
  • User thinking
    With the rapid development of the Internet, various concepts related to the Internet are springing out. In this age of information explosion, people are somewhat dazzled and even blindfolded. But without a clear understanding and grasp of the essence of some core concepts, it is difficult to catch u
  • Service for buyers
    Technology has opened up a whole new world for our children, which means more opportunities to learn and be entertainment but also more time spent indoors. But the unstructured, outdoor play that we experienced as can still hold the same allure for kids growing up today, and often can provide more e
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