How to publicize the indoor sports hall and how to publicize the opening of the new sports hall
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How to publicize the indoor sports hall and how to publicize the opening of the new sports hall

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For investors who have just finished the tedious planning, renovation and equipment installation of the sports hall site, what do they need most? --a large number of visitors. But many sports hall investors who are ready to make a big splash may face such a problem, sports hall traffic is very scarce compared to their expectations.

So, how to create a popular sports hall, how to do publicity to make more people know our sports hall? Professional sports hall manufacturers pokiddo for you to introduce.


I. Sports hall issued leaflets

In the sports hall optional various means of publicity, the issuance of leaflets is undoubtedly one of the lowest cost methods. We know that the residents around the venue is the most likely group to enter the consumption of the venue. To send leaflets in the form of publicity can quickly let the people around the venue know the location of the venue, the most direct and most effective.

Sports hall investors in the design of the leaflet can be the address of the venue, the daily opening hours and recent special events marked clearly, understand.

II. Exchange of advertisements between sports hall and other stores

Negotiate with some stores in the areas where the consumer population is concentrated to start advertising swap cooperation. Both sides help each other by posting partner ads in their own stores to help each other promote their stores. If the target consumer group of the venue is mainly children, it is recommended to cooperate with children's clothing stores, kindergartens and so on.


III.sports hall network publicity

Now the store publicity than usual has been very different, the overwhelming type of network publicity has become the "number one seed" player. Like WeChat circle of friends, weibo, tiktok, xiaohonghsu and other commonly used cell phone app can play a very good publicity role.

Investors can advertise their venues by placing ads in popular software and accumulating likes by reprinting sports hall promotions in their circle of friends. The number of likes to a certain number of people can get the corresponding gifts, rewards, which can also stimulate people's enthusiasm, more effective to improve the visibility of the venue, exposure rate, rapid promotion radiation to more areas around.

IV. Sports hall opening publicity

1. card concessions: in the opening day recharge for membership card users to give a certain number of free trips or use gifts.

2. Trampoline competition: after a certain number of visitors in the venue, a competition will be held in the specific sports hall equipment to reward the winners and also deepen visitors' understanding of various types of amusement equipment.

3. Send souvenirs: distribute some dolls with the characteristics of the venue to the visitors who enter the venue on the opening day.

Only the opening publicity work in place, well-prepared, the sports hall in the opening day to usher in the door. Can also leave a good impression in the minds of customers, in order to lay a solid foundation for future operations.

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