How important are recreational facilities
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How important are recreational facilities

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How important are recreational facilities

Amusement facilities are very important in every country. Recreational facilities are places where people, especially children, enjoy leisure and recreation. Looking closely at our lives, you will find that we have a great demand for recreational facilities.

Urban parks. Urban parks can provide formal plantings, grassy lawns, benches, playgrounds, picnic areas, and/or sports fields (as in Central Park in New York or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco) or an experience of the landscape much as it was before the city existed (as in Forest Park in Portland, Oregon). Parks in large cities often have other community facilities located within them or on their margins: Forest Park in St. Louis, for instance, is home to a zoo; the citys art, science, and history museums; a public golf course; and a theater, among other attractions. They can vary in size from pocket parks tucked into courtyards or the angles of buildings to the 4,100 connected acres of the main property of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia.

Small-town parks. Many small towns include a central park area often, in the Northeast, the former town common with benches, perhaps a bandstand, and a flagpole: a simple open space for town celebrations and gatherings that may include athletic fields as well.

County or regional parks. Depending on the setting, these may be similar to urban parks, or may be more like state parks (see below) with outdoor activities and miles of roadless land. They may contain particular attractions a view, a beach, a gorge or simply feature a pleasant landscape with little or no recent human intervention.

State parks. Most state parks highlight the natural environment. They may stress nature in and of itself as a wilderness area, for instance, or because of an outstanding feature, such as a waterfall or for its recreational value, with the emphasis on a beach, cross-country ski trail, or campground. Some are historical parks as well.

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