What is the strength of our company? How to ensure product quality?
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What is the strength of our company? How to ensure product quality?

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        Are you troubled by how to choose the manufacturer of the indoor playground? Are you struggling to choose which factory to use as the equipment provider for your trampoline park?

        Don't worry!!! Our company Bettaplay will be your most correct choice!!!

1. Our company has sufficient production capacity to ensure delivery

        Our company has 9 production workshops over 2.8w square meters, with 150 production employees, and the monthly production capacity can reach 1w square meters of equipment production capacity. Customers don't have to worry about delivery time at all.


2. Systematic management, process control

        Our company's streamlined production management and strict quality control system ensure high-quality, high-safety products and a variety of product types. The materials and accessories are guaranteed to have a complete quality inspection certificate. From the production process to the finished product inspection, they are strictly implemented in accordance with ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO9001, SGS, TUV Rheinland, TUV GS and other standards.



        We have 5 MMB0HL professional planers, 3 SR-RP700 sanding machines, 3 MX5117B milling machines, 2 Z4116B/6 drilling machines, 2 MJ1132F cutting machines, 2 W24S-43 pipe bending machines and 6 large ovens. Leading professional processing equipment is the guarantee of your product quality. The progress is visualized, and the production status is under control.


3. 12 multi-channel production processes are controlled layer by layer to ensure high-quality production


4. Our company has reached a strategic cooperation with TUV, a professional safety testing agency. Product safety is guaranteed

          Indoor trampoline parks need to operate under the premise of ensuring safety, and our company has reached a strategic cooperation with TÜV Rheinland, a world-renowned safety testing agency, to provide equipment and site safety testing services for newly contracted playgrounds around the world to ensure amusement rides. Safe operation of the field.

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