What Bettaplay outdoor playground can provide ?
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What Bettaplay outdoor playground can provide ?

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What Bettaplay outdoor playground can provide ?

Full of challenge but guarantee the safety of kids

Color Vision and color and always connected together, we tend to choose bright color (not too much)to make designs in order exercise and stimulate the development of childrens visual organ system.


Touch and texture.

First,we will make sure the safeness of paving material and by using different surface decoration to discriminate areas in order to guide kids to make comparison between soft and hard , dense and spars, smooth and rough.


In the Bettaplay outdoor playground,we can provide  slide ,cave , trampoline ,cognitive of plants and animals ect. To encourage children exploring the environment and knowing thee new life .



Physical development

Physical development is the foundation for children's overall development. Balance,strength speed are three main factors of children's physical development in age 0-6 .


Climbing net slope or hills will inspire kids to play,playing is the Foundation of capability for action.Through climbing,kids can learn to control the body,to keep balance, to  coordinate  arms and legs.


According to customer requirements

According to the age,budget and location,etc,provides the omnidirectional project. without changing the basic

assembly method, using the replacement of parts or adding parts according to the design of the individual an d installation space to assemble the amusement facilities .

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