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  • [Kids Zone News] How to increase your indoor playground revenue?
    This article presents effective strategies for increasing the revenue of indoor playgrounds. It emphasizes extending operating hours and services, enhancing the guest experience, hosting special events and parties, diversifying revenue streams, implementing innovative marketing and promotion, increasing operational efficiency with technology, offering membership and seasonal promotions, conducting effective financial management, collecting guest feedback and engaging with the community, and considering corporate events and adult-oriented offerings. By adopting these strategies, the revenue of indoor playgrounds can be increased and their long-term success ensured. Contact Bettaplay for more details.
  • [Industry News] Excellent layout of the indoor playground childcare center: exquisite design of 12 functional areas"
    Comprehensively consider factors such as the area and geographical location of the childcare space, make rational use of limited space, and design and plan an indoor gaming activity environment that meets the needs of young children.
  • [Company News] How To Run A Sports Park Successfully And The Key Focuses for The Future Work of The Sports Hall
    How to Run a Sports Park Successfully and the Key Focuses for the Future Work of the Sports HallAs people's living conditions improve, various novel sports and amusement equipment are increasingly popular among young parents. The emerging customer demands are driving the industry to develop even bet
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