Betta Play New Style Amusment Park Ocean Ball Wash Machine And Dry Cleaning Machine
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Betta Play New Style Amusment Park Ocean Ball Wash Machine And Dry Cleaning Machine

Amusment Park Ocean Ball Wash Machine
  • BIP.ELI.003.00

  • betta

Betta Play New Style Amusment Park Ocean  Ball Wash Machine And Dry Cleaning Machine 

ocean ball picture 1

Product Name

Ball pool and ball pit ocean plastic balls washing and dry cleaning machine

Product Size


Apply for

Giant ball pool and pit


7 KG


1.2 KW

Suitable size

20-90 MM


1  years

Cleaning Speed

250pcs/minute ,  15000pcs/hour


Dry cleaning machine

Ball pool and ball pit ocean plastic balls washing and dry cleaning machine

Why should we need to clean ball pit 

     Washing machine is a cleaning machines that used to clean plastic ball .Most of ball pool items  lacks of efficient washing machine, it is difficult to guarantee ball pool cleaning and sanitation, has an impact on the physical health of children.

     Hygiene and safety in the ballponds are one of your top priorities, particulary in this day and age where they are considered of great importance.It is a fact that regular maintenance and cleaning of ball pit  are an absolute necessity.Thanks to our ball pool cleaning machine, you can now stay on top of this problem at all times.
     After the cleaning, washing machine can quickly dry Ocean balls, can be used directly after washing, do not need to take the time to dry, almost zero impact on the amusement park operation.

How Bettaplay ocean balls cleaning machine  works?

catch balls ---> ultraviolet-ray sterilization --->washing ocean balls ---->dry ocean  balls-----> finish


    Research by the faculty of Chemistry,Environment and Technics  has concluded that using the Ballwashing system the balls benefits a reduction of ± 75% of the bacteria,without using a cleanser/disinfecting fluid .

Method of use

     The ball sanitisation system of our company is extremely easy to use ,easy to move from place to place & made of high quality materials using top technology, this guarantees an efficient and long lasting machine.

Labour Savings

      Bettaplay ball pool cleaning machine  cleans balls at speeds of at least 15.000 balls per hour. Imagine the time and labor savings!


Bettaplay Brand story

Teaching your kids not to give up, to keep trying, and to keep trying new ideas for something that they are truly passionate about achieving is extremely critical. How and where to teach and train your kids with passion, curiosity, imagination, critical thinking and grit? -------PLAY!PLAY!PLAY!Play is essential to the development of all kids---Kids need Play!We need to encourage children to explore the world around them and learn fundamental lessons through climbing , sliding ,teamworking, playing, imagination, and adventure.

Who is Bettaplay

Bettaplay---Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !

We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial,playgrounds from design, manufacture and install.        

Bettaplay Amusement equipment provide hours of fun and challenge and allows children of all ages to take part in.It is very sturdy and durable, and is very easy to assemble. The item is delivered quickly and in perfect packages that will protect your products very well.We're sure that you will find it as good as advertised.This big attraction can be played by many children and offers an unlimited combination of climbing games and play activities.This adorable toy will also let kids enjoy their imaginations

Choose us ! Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !

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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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