2021 Bettaplay MAY 1ST Holiday Notice
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2021 Bettaplay MAY 1ST Holiday Notice

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2021 Bettaplay  MAY 1ST  Holiday Notice


Dear  customers and friends : 

Thank you for your trust and always support to Bettaplay !  

Our office will have a holiday for 2 days during the MAY 1ST  Holiday  on May 1st  and May 2nd   for the traditional Chinese holiday.  

Our Pokiddo Kids Zone , AP PARK , Pokiddo FEC  and Kola Adventrue Park will still open for the holiday. 

If you want to visit our Pokiddo kids zone ,or if you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us and leave messages,  we are always online for you my friend. 

Wish you have a great weekend !!! 

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