2019 New Cover Foam Pit Cubes
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2019 New Cover Foam Pit Cubes

Size:15*15*15cm,Can be customized Color:Can be customized Function:Easy to clean,Protect the cube foam block from being soiled

Foam pits are growing in popularity as more and more athletes utilize them to push the boundaries of their sports with reduced safety risks. Additionally, foam pits designed for recreation rather than protection are a hit with children in gymnasiums, indoor playgrounds and activity centers.


In indoor playground, foam pits are indispensable. The material of the foamed pits is soft. The children play in the playground, and all of them need to be cushioned by foam pits, it plays a protective role. It is a product that can be seen everywhere in indoor playground.

But in the daily use and maintenance of foam pits, it brings great trouble to the playground managers. First of all, children often use their hands to cut out foam pits. If kids damage too much products,the manager will need to replace them and increase their operating expenses. Secondly, the sanitation problems of foam pits are also very troublesome, and other dirty things such as sweat, saliva and other dirty things make the foamed pits feel disgusting and smell strange.


So what can we do to avoid these problems effectively? The answer is foam pit cover!


First, putting a foam pit cover on foam pit will not affect the softness of foam pits as other products. On the contrary, because of the particularity of the mesh design of the product, the foam pits will be more cushioning. Second, after putting it on, it also played a role in protecting the foam pits. Besides, it was also very durable, removable, washable, and extended the service life of the product. Third, a variety of colors are available to make your playground more youthful.


The perfect size of 15*15*15 cm, free samples, customizable, simple installation process, what are you waiting for?


cube foam pit

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