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How To Promote Relationship Between Parents And Children

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    The relationship between adults and children is very important. Ideally, they should support and respect each other and share the same anger and tension. But children and parents are human beings and cannot always be in the ideal situation. The following suggestions can help you build and develop a good parent-child relatinship with your child.

   1. Spend enough time with your children

    You should spend more time with your children so that they can know that they are cared for and loved, and that they can cultivate a good family atmosphere.

    2. Ask questions in a gentle voice

    Temperament can affect the way parents ask questions, so when asking a child's questions, use a gentle voice.

    3. Avoid malicious attacks on your children

    No matter how bad your child behaves, your love for him should never diminish or disappear. Your children and their behavior are different, so you can not like their behavior, but regardless of their attitude, you still have to love your children.

    4.Love your children

    You can take your children on an outing and tell them what's wrong when they need it. If your child does something bad, you know, it's not just your child's fault, it's your fault, because you taught the child.

    5.Teach them what they should know

    You should tell your children what is right and what is wrong. Don't think it's bad to let your children know bad things. Because when you miss the opportunity to let your child know about these bad things, he will surely learn from his peers.

    6. Keep an eye on children's attitudes

    You should always pay attention to your child's attitude, but don't interfere too much in your child's affairs. Remember, in a gentle voice, ask them something you need to know. As a parent, you have the right to know about your child's affairs and keep an eye on your child, but don't interfere too much. If you interfere too much in your child's private affairs, your child will not want to tell you his secret, and will no longer trust what you tell him. When your children start to stop believing in you, they will trust their friends, and they may also accept some wrong suggestions and cause a lot of trouble.

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