What are the advantages of outdoor play for children?
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What are the advantages of outdoor play for children?

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Why kids need go out?

Outdoor play is one of the things that characterize childhood. And as Lord Nuffield once said, the best preparation for adulthood is to have a full and enjoyable childhood. Thus childhood must include outdoor play. Children need opportunities to explore, experiment, manipulate, reconfigure, expand, influence, change, marvel, discover, practice, dam up, push their limits, yell, sing, and create. Some of our favorite childhood memories are outdoor activities. This is no accident.




The environment created outside can offer interesting conditions for children to show different aspects of their personality, which normally do not emerge during the time indoors.outdoor play allows for a deeper knowledge about children, facilitating a more adequate educational intervention from the adult. Likewise, less conflicts occur during outdoor play and children tend to cooperate more with each other. leading to experiences of companionship among peers. During outdoor play, children become teachers and learners, sharing their knowledge and skills to accomplish different tasks or challenges. In this process of cooperation, it is possible to develop empathy, as children begin to understand other's people feelings and needs. The crucial difference about socialization in the outdoor environment is that opportunities for interaction happen in a gradual way, giving children the possibility to choose the moments to connect with others or to play individually, without having to continually run into each other as it so often happens in close and exiguous rooms.

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What should we do for our kids?

a. Parents can play outside with their kids. Even kicking or throwing a ball around is good--not only would this allow the children to get the fun of playing outside, but it would also help foster closer parent to child bonds.

b. Allow your child to ride their bike to school. Not only is this physical activity, but through this they can also develop safety awareness for themselves.

c. Let your child walk to school with friends or with you. One study showed that some children prefer to walk places because of boring car rides and they were apart from their friends

d. Talk to your neighbors about getting the kids out. One study showed that many parents reported restricting their children’s outdoor time because there were few people out and about in the neighborhood; however, by keeping children in, it dissuades other parents from allowing their children out as well. So it turns into a vicious cycle !

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