Wenling's first large-scale trampoline park
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Wenling's first large-scale trampoline park

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Trampoline Park brand - "Pokiddo" stationed in Wenling. Venue size: 1500 square meters Ceiling height: 6 meters

Project background:

Pokiddo Trampoline Park Wenling Store is located on Chengxi Avenue, Hengfeng Street, Wenling City. It is the first large-scale trampoline park in Wenling. Investor Chen is a young and promising post-90s generation who was originally engaged in hardware and logistics business.

However, seeing that the market for the trampoline park industry is so hot today, and the Taizhou area lacks similar comprehensive sports venues, the huge market demand cannot be met, and the idea of opening their own venues has also arisen.

After many comparisons and considerations in the process of finding a partner, we finally chose to cooperate with our pocket house. Mr. Chen originally just wanted to open a trampoline park to earn enough market share. Unexpectedly, after in-depth understanding, I realized that opening a trampoline park is not as simple as it seems.

The one-stop service of Pokiddo Mr. Chen and his partners sigh: a professional trampoline park franchise brand not only has patented technology, but also has a service for customers, so that customers can truly feel the whole process of building the pavilion. ease and convenience.

Excellent design, convenient trampoline hall cash register system, all-round operation training, Mr. Chen is  satisfied with his choice to join Pokiddo, otherwise this series of tedious matters will definitely make him invest huge energy and financial resources.

Free trampoline :


Do you think trampolines are just boring jumps? NO, NO! There are N ways to play: parkour, gymnastics, somersaults... You can play for a long time in any way!

Decompressing and burning fat at the same time, this is the feeling of flying~~~ Ignite every cell in the body and release the accumulated pressure and emotions!

Professional trampoline:



In addition to bringing a high-quality gaming experience, the fully wrapped safety soft bag can also ensure your safety. Spin! jump! Take off! Jump as you want, do it today, trampoline freestyle

Trampoline dunk :


When we stand on the trampoline, it is like sitting in a time machine leading to the past. Recreate the heroic appearance of the past under the basketball hoop, jumping and hitting the ball into the hoop! Slam Dunk Skill Max! !

Dodge ball :



Wear a dodgeball suit to play even more recklessly! Don't be afraid of falling, jump and roll more freely~ and it's super stress-relieving! Even if you don't try too hard, you can have a strong sense of collision. Also suitable for team work.

Plum piles:



Fancy rock climbing:

I don't know if there are "people who practice martial arts" among the tourists, and even if there is none, it will not have the slightest impact. The soft sponge pad can give you a steady sense of security!


homies who  rock climbing, must not miss this good place, even if you accidentally "lose your foot", you must fully enjoy the pleasure of weightlessness

Dry slide:


How do adults recall the thrill of slides as kids?  I'm embarrassed to play slides but I can play Dry slide! Accompanied by the screams, it is right to quickly, vacate, and fall from the sky to accelerate the heartbeat!

In Pokiddo, there are many unexpected gameplay contents, waiting for you to discover  !


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 Ms. Katie Zhang
 Yangwan Industrial Area,Qiaoxia Town,Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


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