How Indoor Playgrounds Improve a Child’s Motor Skills and Balance
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How Indoor Playgrounds Improve a Child’s Motor Skills and Balance

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Indoor Playgrounds are not only fun for your children.  They can also play a part in helping develop a child’s motor skills as well as balance.  Here are a few reasons why this is an important part of your child’s growing. 

Babies and toddlers start to develop their motor skills by rocking to and fro on their tummies.  They also begin to lift their arms and reach for objects and people.  By bringing your child to a place that’s inspiring along with other children that influence their behavior, your child is getting more stimulation and will use their muscles frequently while visiting the park.

When a child is between the age of 3 and 4 they are starting to become more skilled. These children like to run and make quick moves. This age group with boys, in particular, enjoys high energy sports.  Their eye to hand coordination becomes sharper than when they were younger. Solving puzzles become more of a recognizable attribute.  By bringing your 3 and four-year children to an indoor playground, you’re strengthening their muscles and gross leg movements. 

When children of all ages engage in activities such as rock climbing, the rope course, and ballocity, they’re working the large muscles and brain together.  This is also strengthening their ability to learn. 

The rope course helps a child further his or her balance and form by using the arms and legs and watching their step as they walk across the beams. 

Hands on environments like the arcade help children to prepare for more complex movements.  The arcade will also help with synaptic connections in a child’s brain. 

So in capturing some of these child development facts, you can see that a trip to an indoor playground such as Wow Factory is not only fun, it’s also improving your child’s motor skills. 

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