What Will Influence The Ticket Price of The Indoor Playground?
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What Will Influence The Ticket Price of The Indoor Playground?

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What Will Influence The Ticket Price of The Indoor Playground?

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Ticket price factors of trampoline parks

No matter how many luxurious and equipped your trampoline venue is decorated, but it is the money in the customer's pocket that directly affects the desire to buy the customer. 

He is reluctant to pay for it. Instead, it feels cheap! This is the psychology of the customer's purchase, so the price will directly affects the customer's desire to buy

Facilities and location factors around the trampoline park

As we all know, if the transportation is convenient, the parking is convenient, the surrounding supporting facilities are advanced! In this way, the fare can be set to a little higher

Especially when taking children to travel, it is a self -driving method, so if this section is too blocked, the dads of the treasures have not been patiently waiting, so simply, do not go to this mall. It is a factor affecting our customers to buy in the store.

Brand influence and hardware factors of trampoline parks

Enhance the novel, playability, and intellectuality of exposure, well -known equipment! Use the uninterrupted marketing to obtain customers on holidays. Through the exposure process, it is to get more customers, and also remind your old customers to spend on the store.

Trampoline park service and hygiene conditions

The amusement industry is the service industry, the service runs through the entire process, and the service is often better enough to highlight the service advantage of your park. Whether it is sincere and sincerely treats customers. Essence

The sanitary environment is also cared for by many customers. The beautiful environmental hygiene determines the experience of customers to play. Hygiene is important to maintain and maintain anytime, anywhere. Do not have messy and messy items.

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