What Is An Indoor Sports And Entertainment Center?
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What Is An Indoor Sports And Entertainment Center?

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What Is An Indoor Sports And Entertainment Center

     In order to satisfy the imagination of sports enthusiasts for indoor parks and the pursuit of high-quality sports, POKIDDO, a professional indoor park franchise brand, is committed to developing new amusement equipment and indoor park types, and has launched the sports entertainment center through scientific and reasonable combinations. Venue type.

     The sports and entertainment center relies on trampoline equipment, combining sports, adventure and amusement, allowing technology and competition to collide. If the sports equipment in the dynamic space and trampoline park cannot satisfy you, then the sports and entertainment center is full of The amount of exercise is sure to be to your liking. The emergence of this venue type obviously provides an ideal place for those who like indoor sports parks and passionate sports enthusiasts.

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1.  Pain Points of Sports and Entertainment Centers

     1) The sports and entertainment center venues are empty-selling gimmicks, and players have no substantial experience.

Because the sports entertainment center’s selling point of high-quality sports experience is attractive enough, it can drive consumption. Therefore, many indoor sports park investors will include sports and entertainment centers when naming their venues. Such speculative behavior has led to the fact that although there are many "sports entertainment centers" on the market, there are very few venues that can truly satisfy sports enthusiasts and give them a real experience. From a long-term perspective, this is very detrimental to both the venue itself and the entire indoor sports park industry. It’s better to do less of this kind of tricking people into buying dog meat. It’s difficult for venues that only have gimmicks and traffic but cannot bring tourists actual experience to develop in the long term.

    2) Lack of understanding of the market demand for sports and entertainment centers

Of course, there will be investors in the venues with names who sincerely want to develop sports and entertainment centers, but enthusiasm alone is obviously not enough. Investors and relevant R&D teams need to deeply understand the needs of consumers, combined with the current Create your own indoor paradise based on technical level and fashion trends.

       Insufficient market research will lead to the venue finally presented to tourists not meeting their expectations for the venue, and failing to effectively and continuously attract them to visit the venue. Therefore, in the early stages of indoor sports park planning and design, we still need to understand the needs of users and not do thankless things.

    3) Suitable sports and entertainment center venues are difficult to find and require large initial investment.

Because the sports entertainment center is a venue type that emphasizes giving players a rich sports experience, all large-scale sports and amusement equipment in the venue will have higher hardware requirements for the venue. The actual area of the venue must be large enough, the floor height of the venue must be high enough, and the building The distribution of the columns of objects should be suitable for the installation of amusement equipment, etc. This makes it impossible to develop sports and entertainment centers in general indoor sports venues, and it is difficult to find suitable venues. Even if the venue problem is solved, the rental of large venues and the cost of various sports and recreational equipment in the venues will be a huge expense for sports and entertainment center investors.

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2.Advantages of sports and entertainment centers

   1) Different types of venues catch people’s attention

The "style" of this real sports and entertainment center venue is definitely different from other indoor sports parks. People will always be attracted by new things. The large-scale sports and amusement equipment and the hearty play experience will definitely make them Groups of consumers come to visit the museum.

   2) Have a fixed consumer group

In addition to arousing interest among ordinary tourists, the sports and entertainment center can also attract sports enthusiasts to stay here. No matter it’s windy or rainy, scorching hot or cold, the indoor sports park can operate normally. Enthusiasts who are unable to go out for exercise due to weather conditions have one more option. Over time, they will become frequent visitors to the venue.

   3) More in line with the future development of indoor sports parks

People's requirements for the amusement industry will definitely increase with the improvement of living standards. In the future, indoor sports parks will definitely satisfy more and more people's appetites, allowing the general public to find amusement equipment that suits them in the venues.

The sports and entertainment center type of venue satisfies this to a certain extent. In addition to allowing ordinary people to have a great time, it can also entertain sports enthusiasts who pursue exciting experiences.

3. POKIDDO Sports and Entertainment Center creates a more professional sports park

     POKIDDO Amusement has more than ten years of franchise construction and service cases for indoor children's playgrounds and trampoline parks. From the traditional naughty castle park many years ago to the children's paradise later, and then to the concept of active space and indoor trampoline family entertainment center, every step of the way The development is all aimed at improving the tourist experience.

     After in-depth understanding, we discovered the needs of various groups, and then carried out high-standard and high-demand research and development and design, truly starting from the actual needs of tourists to create matching venue types and amusement equipment. Meet the requirements and imagination of most consumer groups for indoor sports parks.

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