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How Create your own playground at home

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How Create your own playground at home-Bettaplay can help you!!!

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      With a bit of imagination and some D.I.Y., you can set up a whole world 

of fun and adventure for the kids in your own backyard.

      Whatever size space you have, check out these great ideas that will get

the kids outdoors and active.

Everyone loves a play house

play house (3)

       Give your kids their own little home away from home with a new play house

A great focal point for kids to enjoy with their friends and develop their imagination,

play houses come in all shapes and sizes and in different materials to suit your yard. 

Older kids can even have fun helping to build their own play house.

Get digging with a sandpit

Bettaplay Beach sand box kids outdoor toys

       Bring all the fun of the beach into your own backyard with a sandpit. A great 

place for kids to enjoy and develop as they dig, shovel, lift, carry, tunnel, and rake. 

Sandpits come in a range of sizes and materials from the classic shell sandpit to 

larger wooden ones. You can even add a little water and let them have some fun 

building sandcastles.

The classic swing set

Bettaplay Professional made durable garden double swing for kids

       Hours of fun for kids of all ages, a swing set makes a great addition to any 

backyard play area. You can add a swing set to all sorts of other play equipment too,

from rock climbing walls, sandpits, seesaws and slides. A swing set will keep them 

active, outdoors and having fun with friends for years to come.

Slide away

outdoor playground slide (3)

       The classic backyard slide can be made of steel or plastic, bumpy or smooth, 

curved or straight. Slides come in a variety of lengths to suit kids of all ages and 

the size of your yard. More than just a fun place to play, they can help young ones

develop and improve their coordination and balance.

More ways to continue the fun

    There are plenty of great playground accessories you can add to build more fun into 

your play area. As your children grow and develop, you can keep them entertained with 

anything from a climbing rope, see-saw, steering wheel, trampoline or monkey bars.

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