Betta Water Play Table Interactive Game for kids attractive indoor playground amusement equipment Water Play Table for kids China factory
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Betta Water Play Table Interactive Game for kids attractive indoor playground amusement equipment Water Play Table for kids China factory

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Why water play for kids is important for kids?

   When we were young we all love to play water, even when we grow up , we feel relaxing when we near the sea or beach where we near a lot of water. 

 If you have ever read the book THREE DAYS TO SEE, you must remember How the word "water" opened new horizons for Helen. Water changed Helen’s whole world! 

    As a mommy of 2 kids , I really think that Water play is really great for kids ! It’s no secret that children love playing with water and when given the chance, they can devote hours engrossed in water play. Splashing and spraying, creating mighty, magical waves, guiding the stream, changing the flow, pouring it back and forth, and observing liquid spill over a vessel.  

    Bettaplay agree that Water play is really an essential part of a STEAM playground: not only is it heaps of fun, but it shapes the groundwork for understanding many scientific notions in childhood. Science surrounds us and water play inspires children to discover and learn through play.

    The designer designed these water play table equipments for indoor amusement parks, kindergartens or museums , because Betta Play understand how important is water play for kids.  


     Do you know how many Important Scientific Concepts Young Children CAN Learn through Water Play ?

     Just to name a few :

     1. Physics

      Sink and float notions are commonly part of the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum. The addition of a Water Table in the indoor play area allows children to investigate and explore which objects float in water and which ones sink.

Teachers can support and extend learning by adding a combination of objects such as feathers, balls, pebbles and vegetables, for example, a lima bean and small pumpkin.

This then leads to kids wanting to understand why some objects float and others sink. Why did the pumpkin float and the lima bean sink? Another important question raised by using the water play equipment table is whether porous items sink or float.

The water table endorses observing, predicting, discussion with peers and rationalizing. It aids children to question further and learn through playing. 

   2. Flow and Motion

    Watching water flow is captivating for little ones.  

    Our fantastic Water flow and Play Equipments have been designed and created to provide children with the opportunity to understand how water flow works and how to stop it by creating dams.

    It teaches children how to problem-solve by working in a group, communicate with each other to discuss ideas and actively learn through exploration.

    3. Chemistry

    Who doesn’t love bubbles?

    Pearlescent, delicate little balls that pop at the slightest touch! By adding washing up liquid to the water table, children can watch bubbles form. This bubble-fun activity endorses scientific thinking through observation. Eventually, children will question why bubbles form and why we can't catch them?

Although young children might not understand the exact science behind bubble formation, by studying them through play, they can improve their learning and evoke interest during class.



   Children can learn lots about measurement through water play.  By adding a variety of containers, with different shapes and sizes to the water table, children can compare volume.

They can observe which container fills up the fastest and which shape and size holds the most water. They can also learn about fractions by familiarising them with terms such as full, empty, half and less.

   Weighing Scales can help children to learn about density and volume, for instance, a bucket of sand may not necessarily occupy the same amount of space and weigh the same as water.

   Children may not fully understand density and volume, but seeing a visual demonstration can move them towards better comprehension. It also helps children to make graphic comparisons between materials.

   Water play is an integral part of a STEAM playground. Not only is playing with Water Play Equipment thought-provoking and entrancing, it helps children to further their understanding of the world through play. It also delivers opportunities for children to investigate how things work and where they came from. 

   If you would like to find out how we can help you to improve your school or nursery playground to support STEAM learning, please Contact us freely . 

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